Dust Dust is a freelance artist and designer with Swiss-German roots. His early work was heavily influenced by the street and urban art scene, adopting the moniker ‘dust’ in the year 2000. From that point until today, he has been developing his own, unique style.

His work combines elements of neosurrealism, surrealism, and abstract painting. With acrylic, acrylic lacquer, and ink, his work focuses mainly on the mediums of canvas, murals, and designer toys. On his canvases and murals, dust creates fantastic worlds that immediately catapult the viewer into other dimensions. The worlds he draws are ever-changing, and show dynamic and turbulent scenes from which something new is always emerging. His scenes are full of wild, marbled games of color, exceptionally woven textures, and structures that purvey explosions of organic life and underwater worlds. In addition, the viewer will find worlds full of struggling mythical creatures called “Körperwesen,” whose tentacles circle his world in an amoeba-like fashion. In between, one will also discover his robust “Wabenmenschen,” who guard and observe the scenery around them.