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Funko Pop Policy
My Funko POP! is not prisrtine

We know Funko Pop! collectors are picky when it comes to their collection. We know you rather pick your own figure from the shelve or box to get you that flawless mint condition piece. But we're an online shop and you might even live in another country so this is obviously not going to happen.

We pack our Funko Pop! in bubble wrap, use extra padding, and ship in sturdy boxes. Despite our best efforts, it can happen that the Funko Pop! box you receive isn’t in the pristine condition you expect it to be. It can be it has a dent or scuff on the box or they have a mistake that got through QC at the factory.

Funko’s official view is that the boxes are simply there to help us, retailers, display the products. They encourage you to display the Pop outside of the box and recycle the packaging (box and insert).

Funko Pop Vinyls are a mass-produced toy line from various factories across the Far East region. Funko has its own Quality Control program to ensure the product they are producing meets with their company standards. As a retailer, we look over the products to ensure they are the correct items and to discard any obviously defective items, which we do, by the dozens, each and every month.

We will not be replacing or refunding products that have "minor variations". The products are still fit for their intended purpose, which is a fun collectible toy to play with or display and there is nothing further we, as a retailer, can do for customers seeking a pristine product.

What does it cost to ship a package inside Europe ?
Europe is divided into multiple regions all delivered door-to-door by DHL & PostNL.

In our home country, we offer a Flat rate shipping costs for all packages.
0 - 30 kilo = € 5,95

In the EU we offer Flat rate shipping costs for packages inside each country, prices are ranging from €7,50 - €17,50, to find out your exact amount use our shipping calculator tool in the cart section.

Our shop charges you shipping by the Kilo 
0 - 1 kilo = € 19,95
1 - 2 kilo = € 22,50
2 - 3 kilo = € 23,95
3 - 4 kilo = € 25,95
4 - 6 kilo = € 28,95
And so on... 

Netherlands & EU packages
These are sent and delivered by DHL postal service. With an amazing fast service, packages should be delivered within 24 hours in the Netherlands and between 2 - 4 business days in Europe. DHL also informs you on delivery times by email & phone (if provided) and tell you an exact delivery time and the possibility to choose your own day & time for delivery.

Non-EU packages
These are shipped with PostNL postal service, they work together with local postal services in these countries to provide delivery. Each package is insured and trackable via the link we sent to your email. 

We know the shipping price is more expensive because of the possible exchange rate and because of the price construction of PostNL for larger & heavier packages. The base price of a 2 Kilo+ package inside Europe can be between €14,00 and €22,00. For every kilo (1000 grams) we have to pay between €0,95 & €1,95 

We do not plan on using another parcel agency soon and unfortunately we can't make exceptions.
What does it cost to ship a package outside Europe ?
Our shop charges you shipping by the Kilo 

0 - 2 kilo = € 17,95
2 - 3 kilo = € 34,95
3 - 4 kilo = € 39,95
4 - 5 kilo = € 44,95
And so on... 

90% of our packages are below 2 Kilo so we managed to get a good bulk deal on shipping these "light" packages for less cash but except a little longer delivery time but all still trackable. For the larger packages, we ship premium: insured and trackable packages with PostNL parcel service, and faster delivery. Packages are delivered with your local Postal service (USPS in the USA, Hong Kong post in Hong Kong etcetera.)

We know the shipping price is expensive because of the exchange rate and because of the price construction of PostNL for larger & heavier packages. The base price of a package outside Europe is about €21,00 and for every kilo (1000 grams) we have to pay €4,95. 

We do not plan on using another parcel agency soon and unfortunately we can't make exceptions

Keep in mind these prices are the about the same price your postal service will charge for packages from you to us (including insurance and tracking).

I live outside EU, can you ship to me?
Are you going on a holiday to Iraq or Afghanistan but you don't wanna miss out on that special release? This year you rather send a gift to Santa rather then receiving one? Well you're in luck because we'll ship everywhere around the globe ! see above for prices.

Which parcel service do you use?
We make use of DHL (EU) and PostNL (Non-EU & World) for all our packages.

DHL is focussed on the European market with delivery times ranging from 1-4 business days. PostNL is for the Non-EU and World packages, they make arrangements with your local parcel service for delivery.

So Americans expect a package through USPS and Hong Kong(ians?) expect one from Hong Kong Post.

How much is the shipping fee for me ?
Simply put the products you want in the cart and then select to which country these items have to go. The system will automatically calculate how much plastic we'll be sending to you :)

Returning items

It can always happen you buy something for someone else or the items you bought isn't what you thought. In this case we accept returns within 14 days of receiving the items. Products must be in original packaging and not show any usage. 

Return costs are not covered by us and are sent at own risk, initial shipping costs will also not be refunded either. We have a pick-up service (within Europe) which can be used to pick up your goods, these costs can be extracted from the refund total.

Do I have to pay taxes over my order?
This depends on where you're from. Because the European Union handles a few different rules for different countries, we divided them into 4 categories.

- Yes, Always 21% TAX

- Yes, 21% TAX for a regular private customer
- No, 0% for a Company (must provide legal TAX number and address details)

- No, Always 0% TAX

- No, Always 0% TAX

But.... to all lucky 0% customers, we will add an invoice and a value to the packages. This means you could get an extra TAX charge from your own government if they intercept the package at the border. If you have special requests, let us know.
Pre-orders [PO] & On Demand [OD]
What does [PO] a.k.a. Pre-order mean exactly ?
It means Pre-order dummy... Oh why we put it with our products? Because the vinyl world is so small and some companies (goddamned ThreeA) tend to announce their awesomeness way before it's available and people tend to forget!

So we put them on the webshop with a price and an estimated period of arrival. THis can change overtime due to Currency exchange or problems at factory... either way keep an eye over there.

What does [OD] a.k.a On Demand mean exactly ?
[OD] stands for On Demand meaning we offer products we do not have in stock at the moment but with the right amount of patience and time they can be yours soon (for a reasonable discounted price).

Just place the item in your basket like every other item and we'll be ordering the figure at the distributor. Within a specific amount of time the product will be at our HQ and then forwarded to you. If you have specific questions regarding an estimated time it will be with you from payment please contact us!

I want a [PO] item and a in stock item, what now ?
Ordering other products + a [PO] item means we'll keep the other products aside until the Pre-order items have arrived so we can ship everything at once, mainly because you only paid the shipping once...

We recommend to place a separate order if you do not want this to happen, if you don't mind waiting, great we always toss in a free gift for those patient ones (unless it's a fixed box size directly from distributor... sorry nogift :p)

What payment options can I use ?
At Mintyfresh we accept payments through IDEAL, Paypal, Bank transfer and almost every credit card. There are also many alternatives like Mister Cash, Sofort, Bitcoin, Belfius or KBC bank, these options can be used using the Lightspeed payments portal option during check-out.

For more details about payment options you can click here.

What is Lightspeed Payments ?
Lightspeed payments (a.k.a. Mollie) is a payment system we use to have a wider selection of choice to check-out. Especially our European customers are loving it due to the added option of paying with their national payment systems.

When choosing Multisafepay during the check-out process you'll be forwarded to a new website where you can choose your preferred payment option. The process is not different as usual and it's very easy to use !

Payments accepted via:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • iDeal
  • PayPal
  • Belfius
  • Sofort 
  • KBC Bank
  • Bancontact / Mister Cash 
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer 
How do I pay through a bank transfer ?
Please check our Payment Methods section regarding this problem, it's not as hard as you think ;)

I paid but payment status remains unchanged !
First check your email for a payment confirmation, if you haven't received one something probably went wrong during check-out please check if money was written off.
If the above did happen please don't worry this sometimes happens when paying through Lightspeed and this always happens when using a bank transfer. We'll check our bank account every day and as soon as we see that the money has been deposited we'll change the status manually :)

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