About us

Mintyfresh is a feeling... it's the smell that get's released after you buy something new, you come home and rip off that plastic wrap to love and cuddle your new product. This is also the thought behind Mintyfresh, we want to give each customer the feeling that the product they bought was specially made for them en make sure they treat it with as much love as we do!

The idea for Mintyfresh came during a road trip to Germany in 2007 by 2 buddies Joël and Leon, but only halfway 2008 we finally did something with these idea's and Mintyfresh was founded. With all the passion and love we put into Mintyfresh we are convinced that Mintyfresh is doing it's best to deliver the highest quality of service and products like Designer Toys, Plush, Prints and Apparel.

Since 2010 the partners split up and Mintyfresh is now run solely by Joël and his trusty little elves. Together they visit conventions, keep the webshop updated and pack all the goodies, so far so good....

Collegiantenstraat 107
2231HG Rijnsburg
The Netherlands