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Hello there, you're reading this either because you already placed a pre-order or are planning to. Let us start with a statement that we hate pre-orders! Unfortunately, the Designer toys business no longer is feasible without it and we're forced to offer products in pre-order.

Am I guaranteed to receive my pre-order?
Yes, 99.9% guaranteed as we only sell from the stock the manufacturer has confirmed to us. It has not happened since we started in 2008 but there's always a chance something goes wrong (humans make mistakes) in this situation you will always get a 100% refund. 

Do I have to pay the full price for a pre-order?
Yes & No, due to the Covid pandemic there have been extreme delays in production & transport. We used to accept fully paid pre-orders but have switched permanently to non-refundable down payments. This is 25% of the sales price, which means on arrival at our warehouse you will receive another invoice with the 75% remaining balance for the item. Some items we still offer as full-payment only, this is because they're either arriving soon or are close to selling out.

What does non-refundable downpayment mean exactly?
You will not get a refund if you want to cancel. We're not complete assholes and keep your money, it will be converted into store credit. This you can use on any other product at any moment in time, but a cash refund will not be done, ever... period. There is simply too much hassle & costs for us involved.

When is my pre-order arriving?
All our pre-orders are indicated by their pink ball, the title, and the description. In the description, you can find the ETA we receive from the manufacturer this is also indicated in the list below. Please let us remind you this is an INDICATION TIME, this is not a promise!. Since early 2020 we're experiencing delays upon delays. Not only does manufacturing take longer but the transport by sea is considerably slower and much more expensive. Therefore many deadlines are not being met and the list below can change from time to time, keep this in mind when placing a pre-order!

Why is an item still pre-order with you but available elsewhere?
An annoying situation that we have no control over, we import Medicom Toys, Mighty Jaxx, and Fools Paradise via sea-freight. These manufacturers are all based in Asia and give Asia a distributing preference and after that North-America and we come last in Europe. Then there's the issue of the cost for transport, we need to hit a certain amount of pallets before it's possible to start the import. Airfreight is not possible it's simply too expensive. This means other companies sometimes have it months before us, but rest assured your order will come!

The Pre-order List
As mentioned above, the list is subject to change constantly. The ETA can change at any moment and is not a promise for its arrival on that date or period due to 3rd parties involved. We try our best to keep the list as updated as possible, but some manufacturers just let deadlines pass without feedback so we can miss something, if you have doubts, contact us here

ItemManufacturerInitial ETACurrent ETA