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We know Funko Pop! collectors are picky when it comes to their collection. We know you rather pick your own figure from the shelve or box to get you that flawless mint condition piece. But we're an online shop and you might even live in another country so this is obviously not going to happen.

We pack our Funko Pop! in bubble wrap, use extra padding, and ship in sturdy boxes. Despite our best efforts, it can happen that the Funko Pop! box you receive isn’t in the pristine condition you expect it to be. It can be it has a dent or scuff on the box or they have a mistake that got through QC at the factory.

Funko’s official view is that the boxes are simply there to help us, retailers, display the products. They encourage you to display the Pop outside of the box and recycle the packaging (box and insert).

Funko Pop Vinyls are a mass-produced toy line from various factories across the Far East region. Funko has its own Quality Control program to ensure the product they are producing meets with their company standards. As a retailer, we look over the products to ensure they are the correct items and to discard any obviously defective items, which we do, by the dozens, each and every month.

We will not be replacing or refunding products that have "minor variations". The products are still fit for their intended purpose, which is a fun collectible toy to play with or display and there is nothing further we, as a retailer, can do for customers seeking a pristine product.

Please keep the above in mind when placing your order, we will strive to send you the best possible item and if you're unsure about it you can always request an image of the boxes.