3.5" Omen Blink by Coarse toys

3.5" Omen Blink by Coarse toys

Daylight hatches out of the black sky, and the omens soar home from all corners of the forest. They have had a long night scampering around among the trees searching for the new arrivals, gifting some of them dreams and infusing others with nightmares. But now it is time for them to go to sleep, so with eyes wide they steal one glance of the sun’s red rays and curl up snugly beneath their blankets of leaves.

The 3.5'' vinyl figures [omen blink] will become available in four classic coarse colour-themes (Switch to Fall, The Sun Age, Milky Bliss and Blush) and will be packed in nice colour-printed gift boxes with 3D embossing on the lid. 

Each Omen Blink is limited to 600 pieces worldwide and will ship end of November/early December 2013. Mintyfresh wil also stock all 4 of the new Omen Blink and will be priced €14,95 (incl TAX) they can be found here in the Coarse Toys section.

Omen blink — the sun age [left] switch to fall [right] Omen blink — milky bliss [left] blush [right]

Omen blink — switch to fall

Omen blink — the sun age

Omen blink — blush

Omen blink — milky bliss


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