K2-D2 by Fools Paradise

K2-D2 by Fools Paradise

K2-D2 is the 8th installment in the Keiko series by Fools Paradise. As we know, Fools Paradise makes use of the well known Star Wars theme for K2-D2 and this time Keiko's stance changes to R2-D2 height and she's even sexier then ever!

As usual Keiko comes all naked and sexy. K2-D2 "stands" a massive 7” (18 cm) tall and 9" (22 cm) long, and she's packing some sweet boobs as always. Like with all the Keiko productions these are made to order.

Each Keiko figure by Fools Paradise is completely custom painted! Fools Paradise is not sending in an order to a factory to have them mass produced - these are hand crafted in polystone resin and hand-painted by the people of Fools paradise so each Keiko will be slightly unique.

K2-D2 is now available at our Mintyfresh webshop as a pre-order for €199,95 (incl TAX)

K2-D2 by Fools Paradise


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